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(Corrected Link) New Job Posting on SLP Overseas Job Board–11/29/20

Dear Readers, Interested in an exciting job opportunity in Phnom Penh, Cambodia? Head to the SLP Overseas job board by clicking here for more details about the most recent job posting and how to apply! Have questions? Feel free to contact me directly at Wishing you the best of luck on your clinical journeys […]

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SLP and Culture in Singapore Speech and Language Therapy is a well-developed field in Singapore. The professional association, Speech and Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS), was established in 1994 and has been growing ever since! From Early Intervention and school-based services, to clinics, and hospital settings, Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) in Singapore have the opportunity

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The Culturally Competent SLP

Cultural competence is a critical skill for all clinicians to be continuously developing through ongoing self-assessment and expansion of cultural knowledge. Why? Whether working internationally or in their home country, Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) provide services to a range of clients from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds different from their own. To be a culturally competent

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With over 600,000 individuals in need of speech and language services, it’s no wonder why this country has become the center of SLP development in Southeast Asia. Several NGOs, volunteers, and established clinics and hospitals work towards the same goal: to bring speech, language, and swallowing services to underserved areas in Cambodia and ultimately train

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UnBelizable SLP Work!

Yes, I know..the pun is corny. But hey, gotta switch things up sometimes 😉 Belize is a beautifully diverse country of unique cultures and traditions, rich languages, delicious food, raw nature, and so much more! Though English is considered the official language of Belize spoken by 62.9% of the population, Spanish (56.6%) and Kriol (44.6%)

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SLP in Dubai

Ever thought about working in one of the most multi-cultural, ultramodern, and architecturally innovative cities in the world?! Well Dubai is calling for youu!!! Careers Dubai’s speech, language, and feeding services are growing! This is not an exhaustive list of centers which provide SLP services. Check out the job opportunities available and how to apply

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SLP in China

7 Dialects Numerous Subdialects 1000 SLPs to a population of 1.3 BILLION! Talk about a packed schedule! The field of Speech-Language Pathology is relatively new in China having only started services in the 1980s for select language disorders and dysphagia. Historically, the majority of service providers have only received a few courses focused on speech

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So you got your degree–Now what???

One of the most popular questions and concerns I get from readers is ‘If I get my degree overseas, will I qualify to work in the States?’ For those US speechies out there, I can reassure you–YES YOU WILL! (Please note, this blog post is now an official page on my blog under International Education.)There

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Biola Ladies in Belize!

Week 1 with our second group of Therapy Abroad students from Biola University featured a new group of campers and fresh ideas for Communication Camp at The Inspiration Center, a trip to a local school to carry-out speech and language screenings, and some fun team outings! Communication Camp We spent the first half of the

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