Let’s Talk

Have any questions regarding information found on this site?

Would you like to learn more about international opportunities in the field of communication and swallowing disorders?

Is there something you’d like to see discussed on this site?

Just want to say hi?

Email me directly at slpoverseas1@gmail.com

I apologize in advance for any delay in responding. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

Kristin AmRhein, MS CCC-SLP
Interactive Therapy Group/Signature Learning Resources
New York, NY

MSc Speech and Language Therapy, City, University of London
BSc Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Florida

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk

  1. I am Muhammad Saleem Speech Pathologist , From Pakistan, I have Master in Audiology, Speech Pathology, and PGD in Neuro-Rehabilitation + Special education. Please let me know that , I want mcqs of prometric exam of Dubai Health Authority, for speech therapy exam. Also Any Member ship Certificate.


  2. Hi! My name is Rebekah. I am a student at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia! Your story is so amazing and inspiring! I am interested in becoming an SLP Abroad could you explain this to me? I’m a little confused. I’m in my undergraduate now majoring in psychology and a minor in linguistics. I also take prerequisites for grad school online since my college does not offer a Communication disorder major.


  3. hello
    My name is Fathmath Lamha, just a student done with the A levels . Currently i’m working in a law firm but its not a field i’m interested to.I live in a very small country called Maldives. well i believe we really need speech therapists here as there are so many in need of it. and the sad part is we cant study it in my country . i’m very much interested to study, but i dont know what to do next . so will u please help me take my next step and let me know the best countries to study speech therapy.
    I hope you could help me with this.


    • Hi Fathmath– Thank you for your post! It is great that you are so passionate about bringing speech therapy to the Maldives. We need more people like you who want to raise awareness of the field and develop services where they are lacking in your own country! I think the programs in the States, Australia, UK and Canada are all great and you can’t go wrong! There are also programs offered in English in India and Singapore depending where you are interested in studying. Feel free to email me at kamrhein1@gmail.com and I can give you more specific information about programs and how to apply based on your interests! Good luck and speak soon, Kristin


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