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Paid international positions are becoming increasingly more available. Such opportunities offer the clinician a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in a foreign country for a few months to a year or even for life! With such opportunities come perks as well. Some of these benefits can include a housing allowance, paid round trip airfare, and a very nice salary.

Interested in working overseas?

Please visit the SLP Overseas job and volunteer board for current openings to apply for!

A few things to keep in mind when searching for an international career:

  • Check the visa requirements
  • Check the required qualifications and determine whether your credentials obtained from your home country match-up (for example, the ad may note that a Bachelor’s degree is required. A Bachelor’s degree in SLP/SLT obtained in the UK or Australia qualifies the clinician to practice, but a Bachelor’s from the US or Canada would not. The majority of the time, the US or Canadian citizen would still require a Master’s degree to work in this position as a fully qualified clinician).
  • Check language requirements. What level of fluency will be required, if any, in the language of the country you wish to work?
  • ASHA provides additional tips on working abroad and links that will assist with the job search on their Working Abroad page.
  • For more information on how to transfer your credentials between the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand, visit my page, Qualification Transfer: Mutual Recognition Agreement
  • Understand the unique cultural and linguistic differences of the population you intend to serve. Learn more about Cultural Competence as an SLP on this page.

Search jobs by country and stay up-to-date with different settings and countries you can work in by following @slpoverseas on instagram and subscribing to the SLP Overseas listserv above!

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