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The number of licensed clinicians volunteering their time to expand speech and language services in countries where the field is underdeveloped has increased over recent years. A quintessential role of the overseas volunteering clinician is to not only assess and treat, but to educate and train by spreading awareness about the field and developing the skill set of local healthcare professionals to better identify and support individuals with communication and swallowing impairments. University programs are starting to be developed to train local students to become a qualified clinician in order to provide continuous evidence-based practice within their country.

The following organizations provide volunteer opportunities for professionals:

Therapy Abroad offers volunteer opportunities for professionals in several countries around the world! The organization also provides opportunities for licensed clinicians (SLP/OT/PT) to work as a supervisor for an undergraduate or graduate student program and they will receive a stipend for their time.

Smiles for Speech provides children with special needs living in impoverished communities with the therapeutic intervention and resources they need to enhance their ability to reach their full potential. Check out ways to get involved with their great cause including volunteer trips abroad!

Speech Therapy Cambodia‘s mission is to improve the speech, language and swallowing skills of children and adults in Cambodia and to train healthcare professionals and families in therapeutic skills and techniques. Volunteer to teach and provide services in different settings with Speech Therapy Cambodia!

The Inspiration Center — Volunteer for one of the only established clinics in Belize providing speech and occupational therapy.

Volunteer Services Organization (VSO) offers both short-term (6 months) and long-term (1-2 years) volunteer opportunities for qualified SLP/SLTs in countries of all parts of the world. Explore the opportunities online or attend a VSO event to learn more.

Requirements include:

  • Short-term positions- The clinician is required to have at least 5 years of experience.
  • Long-term positions- The clinician is required to have at least 2 years experience.

International Speech Project- Stuttering aims to bring services geared towards people who stutter to the developing world. Learn more about the project’s history, achievements, and future plans and learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Base Camp  places SLP volunteers with a minimum of 2 years education around the world in countries including Ghana, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Nepal for a minimum of 1-2 weeks.

United Planet features volunteer opportunities in Ecuador.

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