Student Placements Abroad

Apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s program that offers a study abroad program allowing the student to work alongside professionals while applying theoretical knowledge and skills in an overseas learning environment. A variety of outside organizations also provide students with the opportunities to gain class credits and work experience at a student level. The following links provide information on the different programs offered and accomplishments of students and professionals involved.


Already a college student in an SLP program? Therapy Abroad offers overseas clinical experience in countries including Belize and India. Gain hands-on experience and qualifying observation hours while working under licensed SLPs and professors!


Teacher’s College Columbia University (TC) (New York, New York)
MSc Communication Sciences and Disorders students
International trips to Bolivia and Ghana


City University London (London, England)
Open to City’s speech and language graduates
International trip to Cambodia


Island Dolphin Care is a multidisciplinary center in Key West, Florida that offers internships for speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy programs which integrate with water therapy and dolphin therapy. The internship can assists students in fulfilling academic credits, provide work experience for professionals, and accommodate approved research at the facility.

4 thoughts on “Student Placements Abroad

  1. Hi, My name is Tang and I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Speech-language pathology undergraduate program in Malaysia. I will have my clinical placement from July to August 2017. I would like to enquire some information that If I want to have my clinical placement at the Liverpool hospitals at Sydney, what are the procedures and requirements to be placed? During the clinical placement period, I wish I can directly contact with the patients via observation or assisting.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you.


    • Hi Tang, thanks for your post! I am sorry but as I am based in the US I do not know much about the placement process for hospitals in Sydney. I think it would be most useful for you to contact the hospital program directly to learn more about the process and requirements. Best of luck! -Kristin


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