Family Fun Day

The Inspiration Center celebrated its 5th Annual Family Fun Day on August 18th and Therapy Abroad was excited to be a part of the action! A group of around 50 kiddos joined in on the fun day as they traveled through different stations including the photo booth, sensory play and the water station (my personal favorite)! The group of attendees included the speech and physical therapy clients who are seen at The Inspiration Center along with their siblings and caregivers. It was eye-opening to realize that the clients we saw at Family Fun Day were only a fraction of those who receive services from the sole SLP and PT at The Inspiration Center.

The ladies of group 3 had the best time playing with the kids all day– some of our campers from the current and previous Communication Camp groups were there too!


Classic Photo Booth pic with the ladies of Group 3 before our day of FUNNNN got started ❤

The best part about Family Fun Day was seeing the children take part in and enjoy every activity no matter what physical challenges or communication needs they presented with. It just goes to show that every child has the ability to embrace the same experiences in life and that disability is only reflected in the obstacles we allow to get in the way of success for every child. When we open our eyes and find ways to overcome these barriers is when we realize the potential of every child and their ability to grow and learn.

Your SLP Overseas,
-Kristin AmRhein

SLT job posting in Cambodia and visa info!

Indigo International in Cambodia is currently looking for a speech therapist to join their team. Indigo is a multidisciplinary clinic based in Phnom Penh working with adults, children and families from a range of backgrounds, both expat and local, and with a wide range of difficulties.

You would join a team of psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists picking up an existing caseload from a therapist who is leaving. The work is paid sessionally so this would mean that you would be able to start with a good sized caseload and income. Sessional work also means that you are in charge of the hours you work and the size of caseload you would like to take on. The role can be very flexible and there is high demand so scope to develop any special interests as appropriate.

The start date is for January 2016 and applications will stay open for the next two weeks (until Sunday, November 29th). You will hear back soon after the application closing date.

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to angela@indigo-international.organd Please send further questions or informal inquiries to, though please note Paula will be out of town from 23rd-29th due to a national holiday.


Some useful info for working in Cambodia:

Visa requirements and cost:

You are required to purchase a 30-day visa when entering Cambodia. There are two visas available–the tourist visa ($30) or the ordinary visa ($35) both good for 30 days, both single entry visas. If planning to work in Cambodia, get the ordinary visa as this one can be extended for as long as you like.

To renew your visa, go to a local travel agency (we went to the Air Asia office). There are several options for visa renewal and prices vary based on where you go:

1-month extension– $50

3-month extension-$80 (we went with this option for our extra 2 months in Cambodia as it worked out to be cheaper than getting two 1-month extensions.

6 and 12-month extensions also available (do not recall exact prices but was $100+). The 6 and 12-month visa extension options provide multiple entry into Cambodia whereas the 1 and 3-month extensions are single-entry visas. So if you plan to work in Cambodia for a long time and travel around Asia, go with the 6 or 1-month extension as it will be a cheaper and more relaxed option.

DON’T FORGET PASSPORT PHOTOS! You will need these for the arrival and renewal visas!

Useful site for living in Cambodia–

Good luck!